Traveling the Yucatan

Ready for another Mexican adventure in the beloved van

While visiting Academia Natanael, we also had the opportunity to travel around the Yucatan. We visited many different cities, including Izamal, the yellow city, and the capital of the Yucatan, Merida. Both cities were beautiful and exciting to explore.

The city of Izamal was about 30 minuets from Cacalchen. We had a lot of time to explore the old Mayan city. There was a pyramid, Kinich Kak Mo, which is dedicated to the sun god, build in the Early Classic period (AD 400-600). It was fun to climb to the top, since we knew we would not be able to get to the top a pyramid at Chichen-Itza.

After touring the town, we had a great classic Yucatan meal. I enjoy panuchos, a classic Yucatan dish. After lunch, Jessica and I explored Izamal. We walked around and took many photos. We spoke to some lovely locals and soaked in the culture.

Pyramid Kinich Kak Mo

The group in front of the Franciscan Monastery San Antonio de Padua, built in 1561

The other Yucatan city we visited was Merida, which is the capital of the Yucatan. Merida is modern city, complete with many McDonalds, Walmart, and Sam’s Club. Despite the modernity, the downtown square was beautiful and reminded me of a classic Mexican city.

In the center of town there was a large square with vendors and performers. We were lucky to listen to a mariachi band and salsa dance in the street. We also visited the Governors’ Mansion and viewed murals, which told the stories of locals. I hope to visit Merida again, there was so much culture there and so little time!

Catedral de San Ildefonso (1598)

The market at Merida


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