Design Team

Design team office

Despite all of the fun I had playing with students and sampling local cuisine, a lot of work was done as well. I am the art director on the design team. While in Mexico, the design team brainstormed together and worked with Kyle to create a site architecture and logo. Working under the beautiful Yucatan sun made it even better.

One of our goals before was to create a new logo for Academia Natanael. Creating the logo was a team effort. We started with many ideas and iterations before deciding on a logo we were 100% happy with.

We originally planned to work with the logo the center had and add a Mayan twist to it. The original school logo was of students reading under a tree. We first started to work with a tree and a Mayan pyramid. We worked through our ideas, but nothing stood out to us. When we visited Merida, I saw the government logo and new we had to change our focus. 

We had three words that needed to be incorporated into the logo, hope, love, and education. Hope was the biggest buzz word at the academy. How could we incorporate that into a logo?

As we brainstormed, we knew that the sun inspired us everyday and was a good symbol of hope. We knew that we could incorporate the bright colors of the area into a sun logo. It ended up being a great compromise. We also added a heart to the center of our sun, to include the element of love. Kyle said many times, without hope and love, education cannot be. It was a perfect symbol. We are all very proud of our work on it.

Image compliments of Max Negin

It was great when we presented to Kyle, he instantly liked the logo. We now are working to incorporate the logo and other elements we have designed into the website.

Working with Kate, Cassie, and Charity has been great. Everyone is respectful and listens to everyone’s ideas. People are kind, even if your idea is not the greatest. I can only hope for great co-workers like these ladies in the future!

Logo presentation


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