Operation: Covert Font

In my production class, we have been working on Flash games. I am not a huge game person, so this is proving challenging to me. I first decided what subject my game would be a typeface game. I love fonts, so it seemed an obvious choice.

I examined other games for inspiration. Some of my favorite are: Kern Type, Cheese or Font?, and Kern in Space. The last game is a Flash game. I have spent many hours trying to beat Kern in Space, but it is rather hard. Check them all out.

My game is different than the other games though, there is a word, which spells a font name, you must figure out what typeface the word is written in. It is a bit tricky when it reads Arial but is really Garamond.

I need to finish writing my ActionScript and then the game will be ready to play. Good luck!



The world has lost a visionary

 Steve Jobs passed at October 5, 2011. I found out in the evening. I felt very strange and sad. Steve has made such an impact on myself and so many others, despite the fact most of us have never even laid eyes on him.

The next day at school, you could feel it in the air, people were upset up Steve’s passing. During our audience analysis class, we watched a tribute to Steve, with highlights of his career. There were a few tears in the room.

Some may think it sounds silly to say things such as this about a man who had a company worth billions, but I would not be in the iMedia Program if it was not for this man. I am sure many of my classmates would agree.

Without Apple’s innovation, the media landscape may not be changing so dramatically. The iPod started it all. You could carry your music in your pocket! The iPhone has been a major game changer. It has changed the way we get our information. I do not use a phonebook any more, I just look it up on my phone. The iPad is changing the landscape even more. Goodbye print magazines? All of the gadgets Apple has introduced have changed the iMedia landscape. For that I am greatful.

Many tributes to Steve have poped up all over the place. One that I really like is by the New York Times. They had readers submit photos and memories of Steve. It has come together really nicely in a Flash gallery. You can click on images to enlarge them and read the tribute. It is nice to see a media outlet as large as the NY Times let their users contribute.

The New York Times uses Flash a lot in very sophisticated ways, but this simple reader tribute hit home. Here is another tributes to checkout, Steve Jobs’ timeline,

And so, I leave you with this:

“[Y]ou can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.”
— Stanford University commencement address, June 2005.

SXSW competition

While I have been busy researching and creating infographics, last week I had the chance to do something completely different. My friend, Alison Harshbarger, and I competed in Elon’s South by Southwest Interactive Competition.

SXSW is a large conference held yearly in Austin. It is a chance for iMedia minds to come together to share information, learn about new innovations  and network. Elon is providing six student the chance to go to SXSW.

Alison and I worked together to present our strategy, which we would use before, during and after SXSW to market ourselves and the iMedia program. We came up with a variety of ideas, including workshops and a meet-and-greet. We also created a brand for ourselves, including a logo, business cards and Twitter feed.

We hope to find out the results of the competition soon. It was a great experience. I hope I can take the experience further with a trip to Austin!

Flash gems

As the Flash projects come flooding in, I am always looking for inspiration. Recently I have found two great examples of beautiful, unique Flash design.

Bembo’s Zoo is a great example of a Flash being a great tool to create content for children. This site uses the font, Bembo, and creates fun Flash animal animations. There is an animal for each letter of the alphabet and each animal is made out of letters out name. For example, the peacock is created using only the p, e, a, c, o and k. Each animal comes to life differently. One of my favorite animals in the zoo is the peacock. The feathers fan out and it shows how majestic the peacock is.

 I would recommend you turn your sound down or off before exploring the zoo, but I highly recommend it! Check out each animal, it is a great source for inspiration.

Another fun Flash site I found is a Jackson Pollock inspired blank canvas. Your cursor is the paint brush. As you move around the canvas, different lines and splatters being to form When you click the mouse, the color changes. Hitting the space bar clears the space. I have spent much time creating different Pollock inspired splatter paintings. 

This painting was developed by Miltos Manetas. This is one of his most famous examples of “Internet art.” He is created with starting the new media art movement, “Neen.”

Check out these great examples of Flash art, they will sure help to inspire you!