Saying Goodbye

We made the local paper, El Peso!

The 10 days in Mexico went very quickly. We saw so much, met so many great people, and at so much wonderful food! It was a sad goodbye, but we were excited to go back and start on the project for Academia Natanael.

We had so many adventures! From long van rides, to the tit-a-whirl of death, to sketching games, and @MexicanSnoFlake! We explored 2,000 year old pyramids and learned about Mayan culture, we even learned a few Mayan words! We designed a beautiful logo and so much more.

I am so happy I had the chance to visit Yucatan, Mexico. The culture is so rich and vibrant. It was great to step away from the tourist hot spots and see the real Mexico. I hope that people understand that Mexico is an amazing country that has gotten a bad wrap.

Working with the children at Academia Natanael helped me to step back from my technology driven life. I do not need to be on Twitter or Facebook 24/7. I need to embrace the environment that is around me and enjoy the here and now.

We headed back to the U.S., but of course not without an adventure. Charity and I almost missed our flight, but me made it with a few minuets to spare. I carried the shotgun mic on 3 previous flights, but the security in Chicago had many questions about it. Luckily they finally decided I could bring it on and not miss my flight! Hooray! Back to Elon we went to start on our project!

Helped with a WordPress workshop, photo compliments of Max Negin

Until next time, Mexico!


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