I am proud to present! It was truly a great group effort and we have a lot of be proud of. This morning all of the iMedia fly-in groups came together to present their fly-in projects. It was great to see so much talent in one room. Everyone kept joking about it being a competition, but in the end, each group had a successful project that met their client’s needs. That was the goal of the project and everyone went above and beyond to meet their goals.

The iMexico team create a brand for Academia Natanael that can help them to grow to the next stage of their work. Jessica and Charity presented the site, videos, and our process this morning. There was a big logo unveil and we ended by playing Charity’s amazing PR video, which can be viewed here.

Academia Natanael logo unveil

I also had the chance to create a video for the site. I compiled the best answers to the question, what does hope mean to you and created a short video. While we are still waiting on subtitles, I think it is a nice way to show how important hope is in the mission. You can view the video here.

I am looking forward to seeing what Kyle thinks of the site. I hope it helps develop the mission and purpose to Academia Natanael! Esperanza!


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