Design Team Unites!

When we made it back to Elon it was time to get to work on the website, videos, branding, and more! The Design Team started on wireframes right away. We also locked in our color scheme so we could establish the Academia Natanael brand.

We looked to the photos we took on the trip for inspiration. I gathered a lot of different images from our trip and created color pallets from the photos. The Team then went through and selected to colors we thought best described the Academy brand. We ended up with a color palette filled with a vibrant red, green, blue, and yellow. It represented the bright colors of the Yucatan and still had a childlike quality.

Color palette ideas

Once our color palette and wireframes were locked in, we went to work on Photoshop mockups of the site. Charity, Cassie, and I were each responsible for creating one. The design team then came together and worked together to create one vision.

When we were happy with the mockup, we presented it to the rest of the iMexico Team. Everyone loved the look so Daniel started the process of coding the site. He did an amazing job and worked with us to make sure everything was prefect. He brought our vision to life perfectly!

A peak at my first website mockup

Once the development of the website started, it was time to work on videos and photos. It was fun to look through the photos and videos and relive some of the great memories of Mexico! Create the site design was a lot of work, but I learned I love doing web design. I was also lucky I had such a great group to work with.

Final website mockup


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