For the Love of Food

Chicago is a food town. After living in there for many years, foodie culture became ingrained in me. From my travels and living in a city with a diverse dining scene, I am not afraid to try new/different foods. In Mexico, each meal is celebrated and shared. Here are some highlights from our meals:

Favorite food moments:
1. Kyle told us we would become tacotarians, he was correct! I loved the fresh corn tortillas and pico de gallo that was servered with every meal.
2. When we visited the village of San Antonio, we helped make empanadas for the students. It was fun to see the process of how it went from a ball of dough to a delicious half-moon snack.
3. This meal was another delicious taco dinner. We often ate pork, but this was a pulled chicken with grilled onions and fresh guacamole.
4. One night we had a special pork taco dinner. The meat was shaved off a kabob and then the tacos and onions were grilled. So good! I think it was my favorite meal.
5. This is a Yucatan speciality–it is ground pork mixed with hard boiled egg and black beans.
6. Panuchos are another Yucatan specialty. A tortilla is fried and then topped with refried beans, pulled chicken, lettuce, tomato, pickled onion, and avocado. Delicious!
7., 8., & 9. Scenes from the orange truck at the market. We constantly bought oranges, which were peeled and then cut in half for easy eating. Mexican oranges are the best.
10. This meal was another delicious one! It was fried fish and shrimp. We once again were able to make tacos and add fresh salsas to them.
11. Oranges were amazing from the market, but so were the grapefruit. Many agreed the grapefruit there were much sweeter and tastier than US grapefruit.
12. This was my last meal in Mexico. We went to a beautiful seafood restaurant on the water in Cancun. I enjoyed lobster bisque and a Calypso shrimp salad. All of the flavors were so fresh!

I can’t wait to travel to another new place to experience native cuisine.


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