Production Coordinator

Once we were finally settled at Natanael Academy, the hard work began. While my role at home is art director, my job in Cacalchen was production coordinator. I was a bit nervous to be the production coordinator, as I did not have any experience in a position like that.

I needed  to make sure we had a plan for each day and each person knew what their assignment for the day was. I created schedules for the day that detailed what was going on daily. As the trip went on, I learned what was helpful to have on the schedule.

Image courtesy of Max Negin

Keeping track of people and equipment was not my only duty. I tried to keep a list of what type of footage/photos we still wanted to capture and share that with the group as well. Overall, the group got great video and photos, so I am happy with that.

Lastly, I helped out with interviews, I was a runner, a dog blocker, and asked people to be quiet when conducting interviews. Our longest interview, with Kyle, was an hour long! It was great to be a part of it. 

If I had to be production coordinator all over again, I know I would do an even better job than this trip. There was a learning curve, but I think that I was able to keep the group organized and on task most of the time.


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