Journey to Cacalchen

On Tuesday, January 3 at 3:30 am, the Elon #iMexico team started their long journey to Cacalchen, Mexico. We arrived at the Raleigh/Durham airport at 4:30 am and boy was it crowded! We finally were on the airplane and it was one of the most turbulent flights I have been on. It seemed to be a bad omen for the rest of our travel to Mexico.

When we arrived in Miami, our flight to Cancun was delayed for three additional hours, make our total layover time five hours. We made the most of our time playing cards and wandering around the airport. Too bad we didn’t have time to go to the beach.

We finally boarded that flight and away to Cancun we went. We finally emerged into the Mexican sunlight around 5:00 pm, with only one piece of baggage missing. We were happy to finally be on Mexican soil! Little did we know we still had a 3 1/2 hour drive in front us to in order to get to Cacalchen.

Kyle Wilson, the director of Natanael Academy, met us at the airport. We are creating a website for the academy. It was exciting to see our fly-in take shape.

We celebrated our arrival in Mexico with a wonderful dinner, a mixed grill with different traditional Yucatan meats, tacos and chips and salsa. Yum! I do enjoy a delicious Mexican meal!

After dinner all headed to the van for our long journal to Cacalchen. The trip was filled with speed bumps, ducks, and muted music. We were so happy to reach the academy after 18-hours of traveling.

Everyone was excited to be there start our hard work the next day!


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