Testing out Drupal

Recently, I had my first experience with Drupal CMS for a web class. I can’t say it was all I was hoping for. The interface was not intuitively designed. It seemed like it was designed by programers for programers, which makes it difficult for the rest of us.

Here is what I needed to accomplish:


  • Enable a new theme
  • Add some custom CSS rules to the theme
  • Add a contact form and add to menu
  • Enable at least three additional modules
  • Create at least 3 more navigation items

I did not expect these tasks to be too difficult. But, I was wrong, I ran into an issue with almost every task, other than enabling a new theme. The fact that Drupal decided to develop their own vocabulary instead of using existing vocab, makes it very difficult for new users.

I found many items I needed were hard to find due to the strange names and many options were buried in menus. Even after completing the assignment, when I went to help other students, it was hard to find menu items again.

While Drupal may be a powerful tool, it needs a facelift.



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