Words from the pros

Recently, in my interactive media strategies class, a professional user experience researcher Skyped in with the class. She had many helpful insights on user experience, and as a designer, I need to constantly think about UX. The speaker was a researcher who conducted usability testing in the healthcare field. She said that based on our experience we could all be usability researchers if we so chose.

While I am still interested in design, I feel that user experience is extremely important to producing interfaces. She discussed the difference between and interaction designer and a visual designer. An interaction designer works with information architecture. They examine how a user interacts with a system.

While this interests me, I am more drawn towards being a visual designer. A visual designer conveys the information in a visually pleasing way. She mentioned that one of the biggest challenges in the healthcare field is figuring out a way to display a lot of data in an understandable way and not to overload the user.

The speaker reassured us that when looking for a job, to remember that it was okay if we don’t know everything. We should let potential employers know we are open to learning.



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