Industry Musings

A few weeks ago I visited Newfangled Web Design in Carrboro, NC. I met with Mark and Chris, both are very active in the interactive world, who shared their insights on the interactive world with me. They told me to make sure I have a strong understand of SEO, social media and lead generation. Those skills will be valuable when job searching. Mark and Chris provided me with a few books on web design that I am looking forward to reading.

Last week Josh Janick from McKinney visited iMedia students. He spoke about the different jobs available for our skill sets. The job that stood out to me is an interactive designer. As an interactive designer, I would design websites, app interfaces, etc. and add basic coding. It is important that I understand code and know the limitations of different technology. Josh also invited us to visit the McKinney offices, I am looking forward to that in the near future.

Another gem of wisdom Josh shared was that Flash is still very much in use at McKinney. Designers use it often to create banner ads for clients. Mark and Chris were not as big on Flash, so I suppose the usage lies somewhere in the middle. I am glad to have knowledge of Flash and see what the program will evolve into.



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