Operation: Covert Font

In my production class, we have been working on Flash games. I am not a huge game person, so this is proving challenging to me. I first decided what subject my game would be a typeface game. I love fonts, so it seemed an obvious choice.

I examined other games for inspiration. Some of my favorite are: Kern Type, Cheese or Font?, and Kern in Space. The last game is a Flash game. I have spent many hours trying to beat Kern in Space, but it is rather hard. Check them all out.

My game is different than the other games though, there is a word, which spells a font name, you must figure out what typeface the word is written in. It is a bit tricky when it reads Arial but is really Garamond.

I need to finish writing my ActionScript and then the game will be ready to play. Good luck!



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