Flash gems

As the Flash projects come flooding in, I am always looking for inspiration. Recently I have found two great examples of beautiful, unique Flash design.

Bembo’s Zoo is a great example of a Flash being a great tool to create content for children. This site uses the font, Bembo, and creates fun Flash animal animations. There is an animal for each letter of the alphabet and each animal is made out of letters out name. For example, the peacock is created using only the p, e, a, c, o and k. Each animal comes to life differently. One of my favorite animals in the zoo is the peacock. The feathers fan out and it shows how majestic the peacock is.

 I would recommend you turn your sound down or off before exploring the zoo, but I highly recommend it! Check out each animal, it is a great source for inspiration.

Another fun Flash site I found is a Jackson Pollock inspired blank canvas. Your cursor is the paint brush. As you move around the canvas, different lines and splatters being to form When you click the mouse, the color changes. Hitting the space bar clears the space. I have spent much time creating different Pollock inspired splatter paintings. 

This painting was developed by Miltos Manetas. This is one of his most famous examples of “Internet art.” He is created with starting the new media art movement, “Neen.”

Check out these great examples of Flash art, they will sure help to inspire you!


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