Flash is not dead

Starbucks website uses Flash video

Starbucks website uses Flash video

One of our production based classes in the iMedia program focuses on Adobe Flash. Creating Flash animation can be a lot of fun, but very frustrating when not working properly. Along with Flash, we are learning Action Script 3 (AS3), a computer programing language. With AS3, you can write code and your animation will come to life. Programing languages are new to many of us and are the root of our all-nighters.

Many people seem to think learning Flash is unnecessary and will not be around very long (Because iPad and iPhone do not support it—more on that in a later post.). While I think Flash is a challenging program to learn, when I look around, I see so many instances of big companies using Flash, that I know it is still a useful skill.

I love the New York Times website. I check it daily to learn what is going on in the world. Everyone once in a while an add pops up before you can access the homepage. Recently there was a great Flash animation for Starbucks new fall drink line. Starbucks along with ESPN, NY Times and many more use Flash to support video on their sites.

With all of these big names using Flash, I doubt it will be going anywhere soon. I am glad to have Flash in my bag of tricks.


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